Summer break is very nearly upon us, and that means our little ones are ready to unleash their endless energy. And while we parents look forward to our upcoming vacations, days by the pool, and quality time with our kids, the thought of keeping them busy all summer can be overwhelming. 

Don’t stress! In addition to offering fun summer enrichment, day camp, and sports programs, our Excel team has brainstormed some seriously fun and easy ways to keep kids entertained. 

Check out the list below, or download a printable version to put on the fridge!

25 Ideas for Summer Fun:

  1. Build a fort or castle using blankets and pillows.
  2. Have a picnic in the park or backyard. Give it a theme like luau or red, white, and blue!
  3. Organize a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt.
  4. Start a summer journal or scrapbook.
  5. Set up a lemonade or popcorn stand
  6. Explore nature by going on a hike or nature walk.
  7. Create an arts and crafts project like painting seashells, rocks, or flower pots.
  8. Have a water balloon fight.
  9. Learn how to cook or bake something new.
  10. Play outdoor games like tag, hide-and-seek, or capture the flag.
  11. Set up a backyard camping trip with a tent and sleeping bags.
  12. Visit a local museum or art gallery.
  13. Check out a book from your local library.
  14. Have a movie marathon or create a mini film festival.
  15. Start a garden and grow your own fruits or vegetables.
  16. Learn to ride a bike or improve bike-riding skills.
  17. Create a science experiment or learn how something works.
  18. Have a game night with board games or card games.
  19. Take up a new hobby, such as drawing, painting, or playing a musical instrument.
  20. Volunteer for a local community service project.
  21. Build sandcastles at the beach or in a sandbox.
  22. Try out different sports like soccer, basketball, or swimming.
  23. Visit a local farm or zoo.
  24. Learn a new dance routine or create a mini dance performance.
  25. Have a water day with sprinklers, water guns, and water slides.

By pairing these ideas with Excel’s fun enrichment and sports programs, you’ll ensure that your child has an unforgettable summer. The only downside? They won’t want it to end.